Sunday, September 23, 2012


Las Vegas is one of those places you have to visit at least once.  I try and get here once a year.  It can be enjoyed at various levels, depending on what you are into. And that's why I like it - there's something for everyone. I wish "old Vegas" was still around, the Vegas that the Rat Pack enjoyed when they were playing out here in the 60s - it seemed very chic and classy.  You can find bits and pieces of that downtown, but for the most part, Vegas is now about the huge new casinos that keep raising the bar with the gorgeous swimming pools, outrageous buffets, and over-the-top lobbies.

You'll find web sites for everything connected to Vegas, even a rating of the lobbies.

Yes, it is silly - no doubt about it, with The Venetian featuring a replica of the canals of Venice, and Paris showcasing a mockup of the Eiffel Tower.  So you have to keep a kind of tongue-in-cheek attitude about all of it.  I can enjoy walking The Strip for hours, checking out the sights, the people, and the energy of the place.  Keep in mind it can get a little dicey with some of the advertising and handouts you will be subjected to as you stroll.  So by day two, I have to get out of town and explore some of the incredible nearby scenery ... like Death Valley, the Grand Canyon or Lake Mead.  All of these are only about three hours from The Strip and make for a world-class outdoor playground.

Exploring Lake Mead

You don't need to drop a fortune when visiting here.  In fact, you could get some screaming deals the past few years when Vegas was doing everything they could to attract visitors during the recession.  The city overbuilt, and they needed to fill the seats somehow.  Rooms for $29 were not uncommon.  So shop around before you come, and see what kind of deals you can get.  A good place to start is right here at  I just wish I had registered that web site years ago.

Vegas is always a whole bunch of fun.  With all the attractions, the hotel lobbies, the buffets, the shows, the free things to do on The Strip ... I give Vegas a Road Stew rating of 8.  Now, when you toss in Death Valley (two hours to the west), The Grand Canyon (three hours to the east), and Lake Mead (an hour to the south), well then ... you've got yourself a solid 10!

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